Value of Coaching

What is Coaching?

According to the Harvard Institute of Coaching, "coaching is an interpersonal process that helps people achieve positive change and growth. By harnessing innate strengths, uncovering intrinsic motivations, and asking empowering questions, coaching fosters self-generated insight, vision, and goal clarity."

Value of Coaching

Based on that definition, who wouldn't want coaching? But, seriously, the value of coaching is that it provides a way forward to meet new targets and goals, both personally and professionally. Given that you all have chosen to add a graduate degree program to your already busy lives, coaching can further enhance your expected outcomes. 

Now that you know the value of coaching, let's discuss the different types of coaching offered here at Valar (ICYMI: coaching is included in your program costs!):   

Career & Leadership Coaching

Career coaching at Valar covers all topics related to the job search from career clarity to interview preparation to negotiating job offers. So, if you know you are ready to make a change, this type of coaching is for you! If you aren't exactly sure where you fit in the career progress, that's fine too. Here's what Harvard Business Review has to say about deciding when and if you need a career coach, and at Quantic we recognize that you all have many competing priorities.

For those of you who are happy in your company/role, leading your own company, or just seeking a new perspective, we offer leadership coaching. These sessions can focus on topics including self-awareness as a leader, giving feedback, managing teams, and overall work/life satisfaction. Check out this additional overview of leadership coaching from BetterUp. 

So, when the timing is right, sign up for a live 1:1 coaching session


Not sure which type of coaching fits where you are in your work and/or life journey? Then, it might make sense to start with an assessment!

Values-based assessment tools offer insights into your optimal work environment, signature strengths and potential blindspots, and key phrasing that can help you articulate who you authentically are (remember you are the brand you are selling in your career journey). 

Here are some assessments that we recommend based on positive feedback from other students/alumni ($ indicates a fee to complete the test):

After you complete these assessments or any others of interest, feel free to sign up for a 1:1 session to discuss and debrief the findings.

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