BioSig Exam Signature Tips & Tricks

Here are some other recommendations as you choose your password:

  • Don't repeat the same character multiple times in a row such as 7777

  • BioSig will require slightly more complex characters than simple lines. Circles or curved letters and numbers like O, S, and 6 are all better than 1, I, and -

  • But not too complex! This is a password you're going to be repeating multiple times throughout the course of your studies, and will need to be able to draw the same way every time.

    An example of something to avoid:

  • Similar to our tip above, we love that our students speak and write many languages outside of English, but students using logographic language characters (such as Chinese or Japanese), should be careful of their complexity when using them as part of their exam password, especially when using the TouchScreen on a mobile device. It can be difficult to get the fine detail of these characters in a small box with your fingers doing the drawing.

  • Start in the box on either the far right or far left and go across your screen without backtracking. Setting up your exam password by initially skipping around the boxes out of order will require you to follow the same pattern down the road

  • Be sure to lift your finger as you draw. Making one continuous line as seen below will return an error message that your password doesn't contain enough strokes

  • If you are having trouble completing your digital signature to access your exam, we recommend resetting your password.

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