Student Identity Verification Policy

To meet industry standards for an online institution, Valar Institute takes measures to verify the identity of students during the admissions process and at several points during the course of the program.

Identity Verification

Valar Institute verifies student identity. The Institute contracts with IDology, a leading provider of identity verification solutions. Through IDology’s hosted ID verification process, students are asked to scan a government-issued photo ID. It then asks the student to take a live photo of themselves. From there, IDology verifies the authenticity of the scanned documents and performs a facial comparison of the ID to the live photo. Expired or otherwise invalidated IDs will not be accepted for enrollment.

Additional Admissions Verification

Upon acceptance, Valar Institute requires students to verify their identity using a government-issued photo ID as well as submit official transcripts from previously attended institutions. ID and transcripts are reviewed and verified against application data.

Failure to Verify

If a student is unable to verify their identity due to a technical error, they may contact Valar to schedule a short video call with Valar staff to complete the verification process. Students will be required to present a valid government issued, non-expired photo identification during the call. Documentation must be in English. Scans of documentation cannot be accepted during the call. Students that do not have their identification verified by the third week of their program will be placed on academic hold and potentially removed.

If a discrepancy is found in any submitted documents, the Institute will contact the student to rectify the discrepancy. If the Institute finds that a student intentionally misrepresented themselves in their application or identity verification process, the student will be administratively withdrawn from the program.

Document Retention

Transcripts and academic documentation are retained as a permanent part of a student’s record. 

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