Conferences and Immersion Weekends

What are Conferences? 

Our global Conferences are opportunities to network with classmates and to partake in live group learning activities. Specific agendas will be available on each conference’s website during registration. Still, conference objectives emphasize the opportunity to connect, network, and learn through case studies, workshops, site visits, and keynote speeches. In this video, a few of our students review how the conferences positively contribute to the student experience. Participation in conferences is encouraged but not required.

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What are Immersion Weekends? 

Immersion Weekends are similar to Conferences, but programming is planned around a central theme. Examples of Immersion Weekend themes include Social Entrepreneurship, Digital Futures, and Women in Leadership. At Immersion Weekends, all case studies, site visits, workshops, and activities relate to the central theme of the weekend. In addition, Immersion Weekends tend to have a smaller group of attendees. 

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How do I attend a Conference or Immersion Weekend? 

We advertise all events in three ways: Email, Slack, and via the Network on the Valar Dashboard. In addition, we post all events on Monday mornings in the #events channel in each cohort’s Slack workspace. Once you see an event you are interested in, register via the designated registration link. Please note that full payment is due at the time of registration. We cannot accept partial payments or hold conference slots without full payment and registration.  

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How often and where are Conferences and Immersion Weekends held?

These events span multiple days and occur numerous times per year. We aim to offer our Conferences and Immersion Weekends in various cities worldwide. We will announce conference locations and dates as early as possible to allow attendees to plan their schedules well in advance. Past conference locations have included: Washington D.C., Dublin, Dubai, Copenhagen, Bangkok, and Singapore. 

What does the registration fee for a Conference or Immersion Weekend include?

Conference Registration includes all core programming, including welcome and farewell receptions, case studies, workshops, keynote speeches, site visits, and select meals. Accommodations and travel are not included in the registration fee. Optional excursions, select meals, and Quantic and Valar gear, such as t-shirts, are available at extra costs. Included and optional activities will be explicitly stated on each event’s website during registration.

Can Valar help me obtain a visa for a Conference or Immersion Weekend?

It is the student’s responsibility to obtain the correct visa for each Conference location. However, once you register for a conference, Valar staff can provide you with any necessary documentation confirming your conference registration and status as a student. We can also help you find information on obtaining a visa for each conference location. 

For specific information regarding travel to foreign countries, we recommend consulting your local embassy’s website and reviewing their policies before registering. Please note that we cannot guarantee that your visa will be approved, nor can we provide financial assistance during the visa application process.

Are scholarships or financial assistance available to attend a Conference or Immersion Weekend?

Occasionally, scholarships are available on an invitation-only basis.

How can I apply to speak or host a workshop at a Conference or Immersion Weekend? 

Yes! Please fill out this application form to register your interest.

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