Submission of International Documents

Transcripts and academic documentation from non-U.S. institutions may require additional evaluation, translation, or verification of degree documents in order for the Office of Enrollment Services to complete an eligibility review. These services will be provided by Valar Institute through our third-party NACES-approved partner, SpanTran, at no additional cost to the student. These services are only offered to fully registered students and the Office of Enrollment Services will determine if these steps are necessary based on the documentation provided. To start this process, please contact us at

Valar Institute requires that our students have earned at least a bachelor's degree from an accredited U.S. institution or its international equivalent from an accredited international institution, as determined by an internal evaluation or a NACES-approved evaluation service. 

Upon registration, students are required to submit unofficial transcripts confirming that the minimum eligibility criteria is met by the Enrollment Documents Deadline, four weeks prior to the start of the program. Additionally, all students are required to supply official transcripts for their highest earned degree by their eighth week in the program. Documents emailed or mailed directly from a student will be considered unofficial.  If students are able to provide an official transcript directly from their prior institution by the Enrollment Documents Deadline, the unofficial transcript would not be necessary. 

For information regarding the difference between an official transcript and an unofficial transcript, please review our Student Transcript Policy.  Additionally, click here to review the complete list of all Enrollment Documentation Requirements. Failure to complete these enrollment requirements or meet eligibility requirements may result in deferral or even removal from the program.


Valar Institute has partnered with SpanTran to facilitate the evaluation of international transcripts. The Office of Enrollment Services facilitates evaluations to confirm that all students meet the minimum eligibility criteria. If the degree evaluation does not meet the stated minimum eligibility requirement, the student will not be fully admitted and will be removed from the program. Please note that Valar Institute cannot release completed SpanTran evaluations to students.

Valar can accept a previously obtained education evaluation from a NACES-member evaluation service. Please note that this evaluation must be sent to Valar directly from the the evaluation provider in order to be considered an official document. All previously obtained evaluations must show the U.S. equivalency of the prior education. 


In order to meet requirements, all documents must be provided in English. Students should request to have  transcripts in English sent directly to Valar Institute from their prior institution. Translated transcripts must be submitted by the degree-granting institution itself, the Ministry of Education (or another governing body), or a NACES-member evaluation service. Third-party translations outside of these entities will not be accepted. If an English translation is not available, please contact the Office of Enrollment Services at to discuss next steps and available options. 

Verification of Unofficial Documents

If a student only has access to unofficial transcripts and degree documentation, and the official transcript is not available from the prior institution, the unofficial documents will be subject to third-party verification to confirm authenticity. In this instance, students should contact the Office of Enrollment Services ( to discuss the requirements for this service. 

Please note that verification of unofficial documents must be completed prior to graduation from the program. Depending on the circumstances, this process may take a considerable amount of time. Students will be required to respond quickly to any requests for additional documentation or information. If students do not respond to requests for further documentation or if provided documentation is found to be inauthentic or unverifiable, the student may be removed from the program. 

Three-Year International Bachelor's Degree

Valar Institute accepts three-year bachelor’s degrees earned from institutions that are members of the Bologna Process. For applicants who have earned three-year bachelor’s degrees from accredited institutions that are not part of the Bologna Process, the Office of Enrollment Services conducts an internal review and, if necessary, requires third-party evaluation of submitted transcripts by a NACES-approved evaluation service. Based on the results of this review and evaluation, the Office of Enrollment Services determines whether applicants are eligible for admission to the programs offered. If the evaluation results demonstrate that an applicant does not meet the stated minimum eligibility requirements, the applicant will be denied full admission to the degree programs. If applicants completed additional academic study beyond the three-year bachelor’s degree (e.g., a master’s degree, postgraduate diploma, or other postgraduate degrees), these degrees will be considered during the eligibility review.

Document Retention

Transcripts and degree documentation are retained in perpetuity as a permanent part of a student’s record. We cannot return any type of document once submitted to us. 

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